The Culture of Fishing

The Problem

Fishing technology company, ANGLR had one message for multiple demographics of fisherman. This blanket message only appealed to bass fisherman, but had no effect on other groups such as saltwater or kayak fishers. ANGLR asked us to develop new tailored messaging that not only communicated with independent groups, but also helped drive traffic down a sales funnel to increase product sales.

The Solution

After a thorough study of the fishing community—using market analysis and segmentation, we developed five distinct persona types: bass, saltwater, kayak, ice and fly. From there, we developed a landing page for each persona with unique messaging that appealed specifically to that demographic of fisherman.

It was important for us to understand how each persona viewed themselves within the greater fishing community. To do this, we interviewed fishermen from around the country to get a clear grasp on the language and attitude of each persona. Additionally, we produced a video for each group that was attached to paid advertisements across Google and social. On Facebook, the persona videos totaled 250,000 views. The pages acquired 62,000 combined visitors as a result of the campaign with a 2.1% conversion rate on advertised products.

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