Rebranding the Four-Post Lift

The Problem

When Backyard Buddy contacted us, we assumed they created a toy for your dog to play with—and that was the problem. For the last thirty years Backyard Buddy has manufactured a product without a brand to match its unique value proposition—high-end, completely customizable, American-made car lifts. Our task; rebrand Backyard Buddy.

The Solution

Launch a brand with clear messaging that represents an all American manufacturer of specialty car lifts. Backyard Buddy needed a full redesign and marketing campaign.

Messaging was changed to communicate the quality engineering, customizable color options, unparalleled customer service and most importantly, we pivoted Steel Valley Lift’s UVP to manufacture a complete garage solution instead of, simply, a four post lift. We believed customers would have an easier time paying a premium price if we tailored messaging to their immediate desires—an elevated lifestyle (pun intended).

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